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Arguments Against a Welfare State Essay example

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America is the greatest nation in the world. That is a sentence that has been stated many times by many different people, for many different reasons. Whether those reasons are militarily related, based on global political influence, or even economically. However one reason that this statement is repeated over and over again is the fact that America is the “land of opportunity”, a place where anyone can come, work hard and make something of themselves. No matter your age, race, religion, gender or creed, in America you have the opportunity to make something better for yourself and your family. However this ability, this “American Dream” is under attack. Not only is it under attack, it is under attack from within, from our own citizens. The motto of America seems to be changing, from “the land of opportunity”, a place you can work your way to prosperity, to the land of giving, a place where you can lounge yourself through life on someone else’s dime.
This is the heart of America’s problem in this day and age, we are being led to believe by everyone, government included, that you can simply wait and things will be given to you. The problem with this idyllic world, one often populated by the leftists in our society, is reality. If you look at the issue emotionally, you can’t help but agree with their faulty logic. Everyone has been brought up to believe in being kind and helping your fellow man, if a man falls, help him up. So in an ideal world with unlimited resources this would be a perfect society, everyone equal, everyone cared for the way that the Soviet Union was supposed to be, no classes, no poverty, and everyone being equal. There is a problem though, and it’s the reason that the Soviet Union collapsed, and it’s ...

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...hose that need them it is impossible. If the government is going to provide things it needs money to do so, and where does that money come from, taxes. Therefore the medication, housing, food and other benefits allotted to those on the welfare system are paid for by masses who actually do work and make something of themselves. Those receiving those benefits either don’t see or don’t care about the cost it puts on the rest of society, and fall into the hole of letting life come to you on the silver platter at the cost of someone else. Hard work is something considered antique, a thing of our grandparents with too many willing to forsake it for a life that isn’t of the highest quality but is of the lowest effort. The rise of the welfare state spells the end of America as we know it, the end of the “land of opportunity” and the beginning of the land of poverty.

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