Argumentative Essay : ' The Rights Of The Second Amendment '

Argumentative Essay : ' The Rights Of The Second Amendment '

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Jarrett Hazel
English IV-2A
18 November 2014
Argumentative Essay
Should the fact that criminals are committing crimes with the use of guns violate our right to possess guns? The Second Amendment guarantees the right to bear arms, which is part of the bill of rights. With that being said we should take into account that all people who own a gun are not intending to do harm to others. Even if gun control laws happen to get passed, what about the innocent being murdered by gangs or mentally ill people? What if people try to steal possessions while using a gun to scare our American citizens? The cops cannot be there to protect us every second of the day and seconds can be a matter of life and death. Therefore, we should protect the right of free men and likewise punish the criminals who abuse this right of the Second Amendment. This issue completely contradicts the Second Amendment of the citizens of The United States written by our forefathers. Also guns do more good than harm, such as the thrill of hunting game and protecting our family and belongings.
There are facts which conclude that gun control is not the issue behind mass shootings. The evidence comes to nothing to support that gun laws decrease the amount of mass shootings that happen and that will take place. Those who are willing to commit murder, such as the mentally ill and gangs are going to, even if gun control laws are passed. Laws cannot regulate people’s responses to bullying, emotional stress, mental problems, drugs, and past events which can fuel temptation for them to commit the crime. Phi Chalmers, author of Inside the Mind of a Teen Killer, said, “There are many crimes connected to prescription drugs, whether prescribed to violent of...

... middle of paper ... our admendments. The passion of both sides of this argument has been extreme throughout the years and has lead to some really hot debates. We should also consider the amount of weight a statistic can really hold. As awful as it sounds, is a few kids dieing each year from guns a really great number on the amount on kids dieing in this country? The answer is no, more children die from dieases a day in places such as africa. This topic is sensitive but at the end of the day you have to consider all the people who use guns for intrusions and using these weapons for self-defense and for puting food on their family table. You not only hurt this country but you take away the common rights of us american citizens which is unconstitunal. We must rember that with laws like gun control laws there will always be people who break them and people will be effected by these laws.

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