Argumentative Essay : School Schedules

Argumentative Essay : School Schedules

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For most of the delinquent students got caught from their slightly misbehaving act for the first few times is not really a problem. What they don’t know about is that there is a program that can literarily handle even the most delinquent student must also bow down in surrender. The program is called “Weekend School”, also known for many students as “Hellish Torture School.” It was considered the most terrible and awful program and most students were afraid of. Because they believe that if they get into the weekend school, they have only one percent chance of survive. This programs it only available to most of the South East Asia countries middle school and high school. The purpose is to deal with delinquent students who get caught for their misbehavior acts and reeducating them with an iron fist, so that they will behave more responsible rather than negligent, the program also deals with students who get a huge zero on different subjects.
The normal school schedules are simple. Students went to school for five days a week. For students earn a spot of weekend school, they will go to school for the whole week. How they earn a spot for the weekend school is simple, like tossing a small piece of trash on the road. When a student either commits a small misbehavior against the school rules or receives a huge zero on different subjects. Then he or she would be the next candidate for the infamous Weekend School program. There are protests between students and teachers but the only victor is the teachers because they are the enforcers, the masters, and the second family of the students. They would be free of the weekend school in exchange if they reflect their action or did improve their studying, and then they can leave the weekend schoo...

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...e test paper. If any students pass the test they are free from the weekend school. If students fail the test it would be a different story, they would repeat the weekend school and that mean no weekend activity or playing until they pass the next retake.
To conclude, the Weekend School program, or Hellish Torture School, is the most terrible program. The program is to help the students reflect their misbehavior not use either physical or psychological techniques to control their students. This way, not just students will disrespect their teachers, but also teachers will lose their respect of such action toward the students. For delinquent students, they would likely ridicule their teachers and disrespect them. All I could say that Weekend School is it’s a bad idea and it need to reconsider about the teacher’s action but also the student’s behavior toward each other.

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