Argumentative Essay - Passionate Kissing

Argumentative Essay - Passionate Kissing

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Sometimes, passionate kissing leads directly to lovemaking. Yet, oftentimes, further foreplay takes place in the form of touching. Touching is can be emotive and extremely powerful: it has the potential to send shivers across one’s skin, or even bring your lover to the point of orgasm depending on where you touch him or her. The amount of time you spend on touching will ultimately be up to you and your partner, but more often than not, it’s an essential aspect of foreplay that has the potential to greatly improve your sex life.
While the Kama Sutra outlines specific types of embraces, it also encourages loved ones to partake in sensual touching or even massaging. For starters, it’s important to understand where your partner likes to be touched. Using a light, sensual touch, explore the areas of his or her body, making your way from the lips down to the lower regions. Despite the fact that there are known erogenous zones (or areas of the body with extra sensitivity), each person’s body is different.
The erogenous zones are particularly sensitive because they contain a high concentration of nerve endings; yet, these places are pleasurable for some more so than others. For instance, some people can become aroused when areas on their upper bodies, including eyelids, temples, shoulders, hands, hair, and arms are touched. Others enjoy the sensation of their earlobes being touched. Moving downwards, the nipples and navel can be quite sensitive to touch, so take extra care to experiment with different forms of touching in these areas.
Spots of the legs, such as the inner thigh, can be extremely sensitive. Of course, the genitals are the most obvious erogenous zones. Nonetheless, some individuals are much more sensitive than others. For in...

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...osition can easily lead to intercourse, due to its positioning.
There are also embraces that the Kama Sutra encourages in the lying down position. For one, there’s the embrace of the thighs, in which one lover presses the other’s thighs between his or her own. Another well-known embrace is that of the jaghana. In this pose, a man presses the woman’s jaghana (area between his navel and thighs) to his own and lays atop her, to ether kiss or touch her. Oftentimes, couples take a variation of this position prior to lovemaking, but consider implementing this technique by pressing your pelvises together for added intensity during foreplay.
While you can play around with any of these touches, embraces, and explorations of the erogenous zones, keep in mind that regardless of whichever method you choose, the act of touching is essential to achieving passion in your love life.

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