Argumentative Essay : Immature And Mature Bullying

Argumentative Essay : Immature And Mature Bullying

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Immature and Mature Bullying
The need for overruling power is irresistible. Children and adults are abused, harassed and stressed out on a daily basis because of the desire to seek power over others. The need to feel dominance over everyone, like your better than them can be an unstoppable force at times. Children at all levels of school are bullied on a daily basis because they just want to fit in with the most popular group or find new friends. Just like many grown bullies continue to feel the lust for power, either physically or mentally, and the intent to hurt or cause pain. I believe that bullying needs to stop not only in the workplace but also in our up bringing of our children because it causes stress on all levels and could potentially lead to the youth of today feeling insecure about themselves.
Children and adults are abused differently. Children face physical and emotional abuse from other children in school, which leads to a physical reaction. “The aggressor must intend to hurt or intimidate someone less powerful” (Valk 502). Kids tend to hurt or feed off others who are...

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