Argumentative Essay : Distracted Much?

Argumentative Essay : Distracted Much?

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Distracted Much?
This generation is blessed with the option to google anything that comes to mind. Staying in touch with friends and family has never been so easy, in fact too easy. Technology has opened up many doors in today’s generation and that came with distraction. There is a time when using telephone was just to make phone calls. Now, it is the internet at hands reach. It is being used inappropriately at certain times. Technology is a constant distraction to the real world by making people not being attentive, creating multitask drivers, uninvolved guests, and photo perfectionist.
There is nothing worse than talking to your friend and really trying to have a conversation and they are being inattentive by continually looking at their phone or texting. All that is heard is a “uh-huh” or “yea” frequently to learn that the only person in their conversation is the person talking. These people are classified as the “Uh-Huhhers.” In one case, there was a friend that did this all time to me a few months back. Seeing it happen over and over made it hard to want to listen to her. Deciding that was the last time it was going to happen; I made random things up over and over. All that was heard was “oh really” and uh-huh for about ten minutes. Pigs were flying on the broomstick with the witch, and oh wait, I hear “WAIT…WHAT?” Joking about it was fun after. Breaking through to her only lasted about twenty minutes until it began again. It seems that the effects of her phone and her social media took over her brain having negative effects on her relationships. This is just one example of how it is all too frustrating to anyone involved in that conversation. People will feel unheard, and hurt. Most of the time it is a bad habit to break, ...

... middle of paper ... photos of an event it seems. Attention is not focused on the feelings and joy that has surrounded the affair. The “picture perfectionist” attention is on getting the focus of the photo not the event. So much is missed doing this. The photos taken that way are looked back and make memories of the photography. There is a reason there are professional photographers at weddings, and video cameras at games. They are paid to get it captured; they are not paid to experience it. Put the phone down and let life happen and enjoy it.
Technology should not overtake the real word and the great experiences happening all around. It is to use as a tool not to be abused. No one should miss out on the moments and the friendships because of cell phone and its functions. Social media was not intended to replace our relationships but to enhance them. Don’t let them be a distraction.

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