Argumentative Essay About Prostitution And Prostitution

Argumentative Essay About Prostitution And Prostitution

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Little do most know, but on “[a]verage [prostitution] arrest[s], court and incarceration costs amount to nearly $2,000 per arrest. Cities spend an average of 7.5 million dollars on prostitution control every year, ranging from 1 million dollars to 23 million dollars.” Prostitution is the oldest known profession. Currently in 49 countries and counting prostitution is legal. Here in America there is a stigma following the label prostitute. We would rather resort to underground markets of sex labor. Endangering health, rights, and economics. Legalizing prostitution can reduce health hazards by giving heath care, also by giving rights to those that choose prostitution as their profession. In the long term this will help boost the economy. Therefore, we should lift the labels given to prostitutes and the sex industry and leave room for some thought into riding the laws that criminalize the operation. It is understandable why researcher, Janice Raymond and Christina Fisanick argue that prostitution is degrading, and believes there will be holes in the plan of regulations and protection that are substantial enough to make no progress in the care and safety of the workers. That being said, the legalizing of prostitution has been beneficial for many model countries in Europe. Helping to reduce abuse, empower women rights, as well to boost the economy, focusing law enforcement on more important crime along with better budgeting. By lifting the limitations to prostitution and giving the government the control, we could see significant lower health risks that are easily avoidable and give the rights to women and men that chose this line of work. Because who’s right is it anyway to say what job is moral or w...

... middle of paper ... sex-based human trafficking is opening up the communication waves and exposing traffickers. We can’t do this while prostitution remains illegal, which stigmatizes sex workers and pushes them to the fringes of society”.
By legalizing prostitution, there will be health protection, equal job rights and benefits for the economy. But most importantly prostitution will become a free will for those that chose to make their living this way. Just think about it, this profession is not going away anytime soon; no matter if others believe it is moral or not. No matter their beliefs and values. If prostitution was deemed legal we can turn the focus from criminal to beneficial lowering the STD/HIV transmission, the rape culture/abuse norm by pimps, but increase the economy by spending less time looking for those that prostitute and spending more time on more serious crimes.

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