Essay on The Argument On Pro Choice Abortion

Essay on The Argument On Pro Choice Abortion

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Anderson brings up point after point to support his opinion on pro-choice abortion. Anderson writes about how the government should have no say in a woman’s decision to abort even if she is past the first trimester: “Pregnancy and motherhood affect every aspect of a woman’s life - public and private, emotional and physical - and Roe v. Wade confirmed that it was an invasion of privacy for the government to step in and make reproductive decisions on a woman’s behalf” (Anderson, 2015). Anderson explains how he believes a woman who decides to have an abortion does it because it will negatively affect their life in a way that will be changed forever. The article goes on to explain some reasons why women choose to have abortions. To back up his stance, Anderson writes: “recent research outlines the number of important factors women consider when choosing whether or not to undergo an abortion: financial instability or debt, conflicting career goals, and problems with spouses or boyfriends all affect a woman’s decision to become a mother”. He believes there are valid reasons behind why women abort. He believes that no women has ever aborted just to abort. Anderson also goes on to explain how abortion is a very powerful tool for women. He believes that women should have the option to have an abortion and feel included in society. (Anderson, 2015). Anderson writes on how different America would be right now if abortion was illegal. He feels that if a woman didn’t want her child and abortion was illegal, she would be hurting the baby down the long run due to the fact she never wanted the baby in the first place. Anderson brings up great credible reasoning to back up his stance.
Another article I found that supports pro-choice is How to Re...

... middle of paper ... since the damage was already done. Flat out plain and simple, abortion is not the right route to take. It kills and innocent baby and puts the mother’s life at risk too.
As abortion continues to be a growing controversial topic, it should continue to be spoken about. Even if people do not feel comfortable speaking about it, abortion is important enough for everyone to at least have some knowledge about it. Pro-life and pro-choice advocates have completely different opinions on the topic of abortion. Their inability to agree has led to many riots and protest that sometimes do not end well. In this moment, abortion is legal in the Untied States and seems as if it will continue to be. Even if abortion gets outlawed one day, there will always be disagreements on the topic. No one can know what the future can bring and whether abortion will one day be outlawed.

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