The Argument On Faith Healing Essay

The Argument On Faith Healing Essay

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would with a drug addict parent that neglects their child. This double standard brings up more questions about the legality and consequences of faith healing.
The biggest issue the government faces in making a decision on faith healing is the matter of where to draw the line. If the government allows parents to use religion as an excuse for killing their children, what other acts are we allowed justify with religion. If we apply this same reasoning to other cases, mass murderers could go on shooting sprees and then use religion as an excuse. If we allow religion and directions from God to become a defense plea, then we open up the doors for all killers to find an escape from prosecution.
If viewed from the perspective of a Christian Scientist, the death of a child could also been seen as a message from God. Many parents believe that losing their child and having them go to be with God is a much better alternative than disobeying the bible and receiving medical treatment. Those who practice the Christian Science faith believe what they are doing is completely right in the eyes of God...

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