The Argument Of Physician Assisted Suicide Essay

The Argument Of Physician Assisted Suicide Essay

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Religion should be left out of the argument in regards to physician-assisted suicide. Faith should not interfere with medical treatment in life threatening situations. The 14th amendment to the constitution states that there should be a separation of church and state. This same principle should apply to a separation between faith and health. In Michigan approximately 30% of doctors who opposed assisted suicide did so primarily because of a strong religious identification (Fraser and Walters 123). These people identified as strongly catholic. Religion hastens assisted suicide as murder. Fraser and Walters continue by saying to “develop a moral theology of physician-assisted death “the direction one might follow… supportive [of] Biblical perspectives” would encourage their opposition (Fraser and Walters 124). A contention of assisted suicide in regards to religion is that there is a life after death. Physician-assisted suicide would eliminate this afterlife (Fraser and Walters 124). The Bible illustrates a God “who values [the] quality of life” which can be seen in the story of Moses (Fraser and Walters 124). The story of Moses focuses on his accomplishments during life and then his “death lamented” (Fraser and Walters 124). This portrayal is that nothing positive will happen if death is brought upon a patient unnaturally. “A democratic society that honors justice and liberty should acknowledge and permit these divergent opinions, and allow the terminally ill a degree of freedom as to when and how they die” (Fraser and Walters 125). The right to die should not be a taboo topic. When facing death what makes another person capable of saying your request is unjustified?
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...asonable laws constructed can eliminate this factor. Terminally ill patients want the option. Whether they choose to take advantage of it is up to them and their families. Physician-assisted suicide gives the terminally ill control over something in their lives. The federal government should offer the option of doctor-assisted suicide in the entirety of the U.S, rather than have this means of relief as something only specific to certain regions which offer minimal resources. Doctor or Physician-assisted suicide is not available to patients unless they are delivered a prognosis of six months or less. The benefits of Doctor assisted suicide for the terminally ill are overwhelmingly supported. Doctor Assisted Suicide for the terminally ill is something that the federal government needs to recognize for the overall health and safety of those who face a terminal illness.

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