The Argument Of Community And Crime Prevention Essay

The Argument Of Community And Crime Prevention Essay

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The dominant theme within the article Appeals to community and crime prevention (Crawford, 1995) is the theme of community – which sees several definitions and applications throughout the article. The paper engages in the numerous ways in which ‘community’ can be defined, all of which are reasonable but also hold widely differing ideals to each other. For example, the definition of ‘community as a defence against outsiders’ (Crawford, 1995, p.106) – in an ‘us vs. them’ manner – is a legitimate definition of what community could be, but at the same time it is widely different to the concept of ‘community as shared space’ (Crawford, 1995, p.108), though it also is a legitimate manner of defining what a community could be. Calhoun (1998, cited in Blackshaw, 2010) however notes that “community” cannot be defined as a group of people or a certain place, which throws both previous definitions out of the water. The concept of community is a fluid idea, that is open to interpretation and change, and the applications of it in modern society and policing is both beneficial while also being problematic.
The idea of community, especially when it comes to community policing, is interesting due to the way in which the paper notes the way in which Margaret Thatcher inadvertently started something of a community uprising. Her authoritarian rule over the country, coupled with stricter policing laws, resulted in communities self-policing in order to avoid the punishment of the zero-tolerance policing that the police force were practicing. The country was not willing to fall back onto the oppressive state policing, despite Thatcher’s infamous claim that “there is no such thing as society” (Crawford, 1995, p. 102). This is interesting in that, the “r...

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...o to the individuals, as it realises that in a community there are going to be cases where people do not cooperate, but realise that the needs of the whole are greater than the needs of an individual.
The activity in the seminar really highlighted the idea of community as homogenous that Crawford (1995) proposed. Despite numerous characters having inter-personal conflicts with each other due to smaller ideals, they were ultimately defined away or brushed aside in order to make way for the larger, universal needs of the community. Things that may arise in real situations - such as two important parties holding differing smaller ideals – were tackled, and representative of the definitions that were introduced in Crawford’s article. The activity helped in reinforcing the definitions of society when it came to the methods we were going to use in resolving the conflicts.

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