The Argument Of Being A Vegetarian Essay

The Argument Of Being A Vegetarian Essay

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As people grow older, they seek to become empowered with the way they live and how well they take care of themselves. People today have become self empowered to do what is best for themselves whenever they can. Today a main idea is the fact of health. What is the best way to take care of yourself? Although this has many properties in it of itself, a large focus is on what type of food is consumed, and how it affects everything around it. Where the food comes from? How was it made? What does it do? All of these are just some effects that can be determined by choosing what to eat.
One place in which many ideas come together on healthy eating, is in the argument of being a Vegetarian. If the term is unknown then it simply means to exclude meat from a diet as a whole. When someone does this, they believe they are creating a aroua of healthy-ness around them. Which is justified by people functioning at their best .Yet there are people who believe having a balanced diet, containing meat, is healthier than one excluding meat. Which is also justified by people functioning at their best.
Yet, the production of food becomes a factor as well. The type of effect it’s production has on the environment. People that argue for being a vegetarian believe that when meat is produced, it causes huge amounts of damage from the feeding and slaughter of the animals. The “Meat-atarians” argue that when most vegetables are produced, they take away large amounts of natural land. Another argument is based on how people treat animals before they are slaughtered. All of these factors affect how people have chosen to eat their food, and how others should follow the “best” idea. Although vegetarians argue that by not eating meat you are able to live a healthier...

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...n of entire ecosystems.” Many of the farms that produce the grains to have an alternative diet to meat can be larger than what it would require to produce meat. Meaning some grain or vegetable production can be more harmful to natural land then meat production (Gasp).
As a response to those that believe in excluding meat from their diet, Meat supporters can say the many benefits of eating a well balanced diet. Although vegetarians will still argue that the slaughter of animals is disturbing, they can argue with the history of survival in the past. If a vegetarian argues that meat is disease ridden, they can argue with the knowledge that everyone is affected differently by foods. Although a vegetarian might say that with their diet they save the environment, they are false in their assumption of how little of an effect vegetables and grains can have on the environment.

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