Argument for Universal Healthcare

Argument for Universal Healthcare

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Argument for Universal Healthcare

The time to overhaul the American healthcare system is now. As the baby-boom generation becomes older, the stress that will be placed upon our healthcare industry will become unprecedented.
As a worker in the healthcare industry, I have witnessed first hand the issues facing not only our elderly, but of the young and middle-aged. They have to make decisions that no family should face: to buy medication or pay for groceries.
To those of you whom I’ve seen screaming at town hall meetings that proposed changes to healthcare will lead us on a path to a socialistic society, you are the very ones that benefit from your government’s help. Many of you already enjoy Medicare as your government-sponsored program that will pay for your medical coverage for the next ten, twenty, or thirty years. Does your fellow human beings not deserve the same benefits as you? What if the current workers of today were to rise up, knowing that the system will be bankrupt in a few years and say “I’m not going to pay anymore into the Medicare system for which I cannot reap the benefits”? What kind of medical coverage will you have then?
The truth is we are all interdependent upon one another. Today’s Medicare Beneficiaries rely upon the monetary injection into the system by the current workforce. It is doubtful the system will be able to sustain the healthcare needs of those baby-boomers that are still a few years away.
Our focus has also been towards those of illegal persons in our country who are being provided services without first having paid into the system. Would it surprise you to learn that our Medicaid system is being used by people who can well afford to pay their way, but instead have their assets transferred to a family member or spend down their wealth so they can qualify for state Medicaid benefits? Where is your outrage then?
Why is it that this great nation, the richest nation on earth, cannot afford to provide good healthcare coverage to its most vulnerable citizens?

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The answer is it can. By focusing on prevention as opposed to being a reactionary healthcare system, the cost of surgical procedures alone would save the government tens of millions of dollars.
Change, however, is a hard consequence of a broken system. And while affordable healthcare is not a constitutional right, it should be a human right.
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