The Argument For Legalizing Same Sex Marriage Essay

The Argument For Legalizing Same Sex Marriage Essay

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In the country of the United States of America of the great, brave and freedom to people that all lying to the people. The argument for legalizing same sex marriage is one of the biggest problems of the United States. Some states, like California, argue incessantly about it; they pass and repeal the same bills and laws dozens of times before anything gets done. In other countries, Canada for example, it is a legal place for gays. Not allowing same sex marriage is a violation of constitutional law (Gannon). The constitution says that we all have equal rights, yet part of the population isn’t allowed to marry the people they love. Though the population in the United States is only roughly 2%, they are still a valuable part of the community. An acronym for the “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered” community. Every human should be able to be married, no matter what their gender preference. Love is love, whether it’s between a man and a woman, two men, or two women; who someone falls in love with is not a choice. The other side of the argument has many valid points. The Church states that marriage is meant to be procreative. Procreation is simply not possible in a same sex relationship. Many people think it would be wrong for a homosexual couple to adopt too. According to the article “Gay Adoption: Unprecedented Experiment”, an anonymous writer says “While adopting children is undoubtedly rewarding for same-sex couples, he concludes, it is not in the best interest of the children.” In most states there are even laws prohibiting this. Some people say that by legalizing same sex marriages, the U.S. would be opening the door for other “atrocities” such as inter family marriages and polygamy (Knight). Though there are many good...

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...e of either. But also the ultimate expression of love towards each other. It is an ultimate sacrifice if the gay and lesbian want to do a big thing like that will let them it not going to hurt no one.
“Over the past two years couples in multiple states had been denied some federal and state benefits that heterosexual married couples enjoy. They could been missing out on thousands of dollars each year”.
When the millions of gay and lesbian want to get marry they can’t because they are tired of getting pick on and look down on that this country is hated because of the fact when the government want the best for them they don’t see what everybody want like one major thing is the gay marriage gay want to be in love who give the government the right to tell them who can they marry or be with maybe they feel that the woman is not treat them right or the treat them well.

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