The Argument For Intellectual Property Essay

The Argument For Intellectual Property Essay

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Question 4:

The argument for intellectual property tends to provide a source of profit and income for a person who has meritoriously developed a new idea through their own independent volition. In contrast tot his, there are aspects of intellectual domain that were collectively designed, and cannot possibly be “owned” by an individual corporation or individual. Of course, all of this tends to be defined through the economic system of capitalism, which tends to find individual ownership a valid rationale for intellectual property due to the fact that owners receive money and power from these “inventions.” In political and economic terms, The clash between collective ownership under communism can be defined in contrast to the individual ownership methodology of American capitalistic culture:
There is of course a difference: the motive for information control in the Soviet Union was political; in the US the motive is profit. But it is the actions that affect us, not the motive. Any attempt to block the sharing of information, no matter why, leads to the same methods and the same harshness. (Stallman, 2015, para.6).
In this argument, Stallman defines the importance of collective ownership of intellectual property in the collectivist mode, which devolves the idea that any single person should be able to own or make profits from so-called “invention.” In fact, “inventions’ are usually the work of many differing people, which makes it difficult to understand why a single person can claim ownership. However, Moore’s (2015)evaluation of the Utilitarian Incentive process defines a balance between the length of time in which a so-called “inventor” may own intellectual property rights, which acknowledges the group or collective use of cert...

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... which the greater good is served through freedom of speech. This determined focus on individual rights is part of Mill’s inability to resolve these issues between the public and the individual rights in regards to the exchange of ideas. Certainly, the right for an individual to speak their minds will not always be tyrannical or self-interested, but these are the dangers of an overt focus on individual rights in the necessity of interpersonal relations between people in society. Mill does define the important factor of social interaction as an important and vital part of the community, but the tendency towards individualism is a troubling aspect of this approach to freedom of speech. In this manner, Mill’s utilitarian argument is not very convincing, since it focuses more on individual rights that on the greater good of society on the subject of freedom of speech.

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