Argument for Global Anti-Sex Trafficking Effort Essay

Argument for Global Anti-Sex Trafficking Effort Essay

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When it comes to human trafficking the one thing we know is that trafficking for sexual exploitation is a huge issue all around the world. What we are not fully aware of is how big of a problem it actually is. Due to the illegality of human trafficking for the purpose of sex it is extremely difficult to truly appreciate the scope of the matter. Many differing estimates have been made to suggest the number of people that could be involved in this terrible trade, but these numbers do not explain the concealed activity of sex trafficking. They are only considered to be good estimates determined by the data collected. The prostitution industry is the key driver of sex trafficking because of its money making potential. Due to prostitution, sex trafficking is getting more and more out of hand. To address this subject buying sex should be a considered a criminalized act, and selling sex should be decriminalized. Doing this on a worldwide basis could help drive demand in the sex industry down, and could encourage women and girls in captivity to come forward without fear of persecution.
Trafficking for sexual exploitation is a severe issue for many reasons. Firstly, as mentioned above because it is an illegal act, it is hidden underground. Heather Smith suggests that there are around 1,390,000 transnational sex slaves in the world (Smith, 2011). These people come from 127 different countries; are moved through 98 transfer countries; and end up in 137 different destination countries around the world (Trafficking in Persons, 2006). These statistics do not even include domestic sex trafficking victims. If they did, these numbers would sky rocket. Much like the illegal drug industry, accurate statistics are nearly impossible to obtain but ye...

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