The Argument Culture: Rhetorical Analysis Essay

The Argument Culture: Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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The Argument Culture: Rhetorical Analysis

An old adage says, “In quarreling, the truth is always lost,” (Bolander, 1987). The truth is often considered subjective; it depends on circumstances, time, and many other variables. We understand that what is truth to one may not be truth to another, and after reading Dr. Tannen’s work, I realized that she has done exactly what she said exacerbates the argumentative culture we live in today. She has looked at only two sides. Due to this, I would call into question Dr. Tannen’s truthfulness in her book The Argument Culture. Tannen has successfully shown this attitude in our culture but her arguments and writing style force one to conclude that there is a lack personal credibility.
Dr. Deborah Tannen’s thesis, “we have plunged headfirst into what I call the ‘argument culture,” (Tannen, 1998) in her book The Argument Culture, is intended to pique one’s curiosity. Upon reading Dr. Tannen’s work I soon found myself nodding my head in agreement. How can one not agree that our society is not the pillar of chivalry it once was? After fulfilling the requirements for our last session, I find myself questioning Dr. Tannen’s work a little more. I agree that our society has been inundated with a lack of courtesy from all areas. However, I doubt that this is a new condition. Ms. Tannen has brought to the forefront of our minds the condition that our society is in, and is challenging us to change.
Dr. Tannen initially appears to do an excellent job of establishing her credibility through stories. She used examples from public arenas, such as the Holocaust debaters she refers to in The Argument Culture (Tannen, 1998), as well as her interview with National Public Radio (NPR, 1998). ...

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...tems from. Author Erastus Wiman once said, “Nothing is ever lost by courtesy. It is the cheapest of the pleasures; costs nothing and conveys much. It pleases him who gives and him who receives and thus, like mercy, it is twice blessed” (Bolander, 1987).

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