Essay on The Argument Against Uniforms in Schools

Essay on The Argument Against Uniforms in Schools

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I don’t think children or teens should have to wear school uniforms. It deprives them of their freedom of speech. They should have the right to wear what they want when they want. The uniforms are degrading and appalling. Everything would be dull and boring if everyone looked the same and wore the same stuff! Whatever happened to our U.S. Constitution? Some kids become stressed out and could get depressed because they cannot choose what they can wear, In Our own country? The land of the free and the home of the brave and we can’t even choose what we wear? The effect would be: students becoming angry and violent, and worst case scenario, suicide.

Kids and teens have the right to pick out what they wear, sure it may take a bit longer, but in the long run it is worth it. Everyone has the right to express themselves freely and by the way they look. It can tell what kind of person they are. Think about it, you go into a school that has uniforms you see everyone wearing the same stuff who is who? What kind of personality could they have, maybe one like being a brick in the wall. Walk into a school without uniforms and you can instantly tell anyone’s personality by what they wear, so they express their emotions through their clothing.

Anyone can sneak into YOUR school wearing a uniform pretending they are a student, and possibly be selling illegal items. Say two people look alike, wearing the same uniform. One of them has committed a serious crime. They both walk by the camera at the same time. You can’t tell them apart. So safety? Same thing as theft. They say this is a free country, when they do this and make students wear uniforms, this curtails their freedoms. The school board is giving off one simple message by doing this...

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... show off one’s wealth, such as through expensive hair highlights, jewelry, or manicures. Students will also inevitably talk about their families, vacations, and hobbies. Finally, students will be wearing normal clothing at social events outside of school, which can establish social hierarchies based on clothing, if these hierarchies exist.

Read on Additionally, it’s unfair to assume that students can’t make friends with people who are dressed differently than they are. Students are already capable of crossing boundaries without required identical clothing, and schools can encourage this with leadership activities and group discussions. So in conclusion I do not think students should have to wear school uniforms, but I digress we all disagree on something right?

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