The Argument Against Homosexuality Marriage Essay

The Argument Against Homosexuality Marriage Essay

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Ever since the Supreme Court ruled in favor of a “constitutional right” to Same-Sex Marriage, religious opponents of gay marriage placed the decision as “profoundly immortal and unjust” ( Using the idea of religious along with Saunders’ sense of satire, he indicated religious beliefs toward Same-Sex-Marriage that “He did not want men marrying men, or women marrying women, but also what He did not want, in my view, was feminine men marrying masculine women” (Saunders, 67). Bringing in the use of religions in Saunders’ responses, we can see that he is intentionally mocking the majority of religious followers who opposed to gay marriage at the time when this issue rise among the society by using their studies about God’creation of genders. Religious opponent’s most “fashionable” argument against homosexuality marriage is that it “undermines the institution of marriage, and therefore family and therefore society”, indicating that gay marriage and homosexuality are “wrong” or “violated their religious beliefs” ( Saunders approaches he fact that readers can understand that the freedom of religious practice is constitutional, yet religious people are oppressing others’ freedom to marriage. Ken Bryon, who expressed himself as a religious person, suggests people with Samish-Sex-Marriage to divorce their marriage and remarriage to a more “suitable partner” (Saunders, 68). In most religion studies, divorce is something that God does not supported, as suggested in the writing on the Bible. Readers see the ridiculous contrast within Ken’s intention as a religion believer to understand that Saunders is actually pointing out the fact that religion and homosexuality does not have any correlation to one another in any forms...

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...ning behind his writing regardless how funny they might be. Over time, the views of homosexuality have shifted comparing to when the story is written. On one of the poll from Pew Forum, younger generations express a “higher levels” of homosexuality marriage while older generations also have become “more supportive” of homosexuality marriage in these recents years. The change in attitudes toward “having a gay child” reflects broader shifts in views of homosexuality, comparing with a decades ago that the public said “society should discourage homosexuality” ( Our society get to learn about the desire of people who wants to get freedom in their marriage. This, comparing with Saunders’ response has successfully embraced the thoughts toward the anti Same-Sex-Marriage advocates, and also appeals the audience and bring much of the attention to satire writings.

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