The Argument Against Good And Evil Essay

The Argument Against Good And Evil Essay

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An age long question that determines one’s values, morals and ethics is the belief that God does or does not exist. Although each individual response to this specific argument can be as simple “yes, I do” or “no, I don’t”, the justification for both opinions can take a more logical and complex turn. Throughout the years, there have been many compelling arguments that have been made by both sides of the spectrum yet ultimately only one can be seen as being true. Using the morality argument, both ends believe it will support their standing. Morality, the difference between good and evil, has been a topic of argument for both theists and atheists. Without the belief of an existence of a supernatural being, God, morality would cease to exist. For in a Godless world, morality would be distorted because of the absence of an objective moral law. The assumed “natural” (herd) instinct would go against what is condoned morally acceptable. Lastly, the belief that there is evil among atheists can consequently prove the reality of a living God.
Many atheists claim that morality can prevail without the presence of a supreme law giver. They believe “morality, ethics and values can happily exist in a godless, secular context… morality is something created by humans and by human condition, rather than a set of rules decreed by some supernatural being” ( arguments _god _moral .html). The problem with such an assumption is that without God, there would be no objective morality. The definition of an objective moral law can be simply stated as the golden rule. “Some things are seen as more good, more true, more noble, and so forth than other things”, such as being honest is seen as the better option as appose to lying (...

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...d because of the very fact that evil is prominent (
As long as time has existed, the battle in every man and women’s conscience debating whether or not there is some divine being who is much greater than them living has been waging on. Depending on the side that finally does win the battle will decide the morals and beliefs of the individual. The world itself is points to the fact that there is one creator or all things. One supernatural being that gave mankind a set of unspoken laws to govern them universally. For it is clear to see that in a godless world, there would be no set of moral guidelines, a conscience to go against every person’s natural instinct and evidence of evil itself. So the only possible, and logical conclusion to this question is that God does exist.

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