Argument Against Global Warming Essay

Argument Against Global Warming Essay

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Anyone who listens to the news for sure very often comes across a news anchor stating how the Earth’s climate is changing. Global warming is a term that creates fear among many. But with all the open and uncensored media out there how do we know that this is not a lie or cover-up? So what does global warming actually mean and is it really true? If global warming is such a big deal why are we taking our time to act?
The climate of the Earth has been changing way before the industrialization era began; way before we started to dig up fossil fuel, burn it and put carbon into the air. So if this has been happening for a long time, what is the huge fuss about it? Many believe this is just a fuss. Looking at the financial perspective many beneficiaries have popped up due to the investment in green-friendly materials. People argue based on how scientists and climatologists are certain about predictions of the climate based on how it is hard to accurately try to forecast and predict the weather for the next ten days yet we are certain on predicting the climate with such certainty. For a fac...

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