Essay about The Arena Of Positive Psychology

Essay about The Arena Of Positive Psychology

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Positive psychology refers to the strength and abilities that facilitate individuals and the societies to succeed. The arena of positive psychology is created on the trust that the people and the community will have meaningful and fulfilling lives that will facilitate them in being the best among themselves. This leads to better experiences of play, love, and work. It helps in achieving a satisfactory life that is more effective which is better than treating any mental illness. It focuses on the personal growth rather than the pathology. When one finds positive psychology then, there is happiness within oneself which leads to improved ways and social ties. This revolves around spouses, family, and friends which in turn results to wider networks in social organization and clubs which are important in a particular way. Due to happiness, there is increased financial income and better correlation of improved mental and the well-being of an individual.
As a social institution, Christians are known mostly because of what drives them. The spirit of being positive in what they do. The conditions surrounding them may not be the best favorable ones but the energy that they have is extraordinary (Whitney et al, 18). More often than not the challenges that they come across can be the worst in demoralizing someone. Due to this, it is possible to find Christians having the positive energy towards dealing with the obstacles. Practically it is difficult to have positive energy in dealing with such things. It is a norm in any individual person to mostly give up in such a situation but for the staunch Christians, it is slightly different. They will face the challenge head on pursuing it with positive energy. Positive human functioning will requir...

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...n in the way that it promotes positive psychology. Its main aim is to help an individual of the society to identify their positive side which in turn will assist them in knowing their strengths. This will facilitate each individual with making better choices that will lead to a successful life. It will also result in the self-acceptance and the self-contention of the individual. In relation to this, it will also promote better mental health to the individual and avoidance of stress related issues. An individual who is successful in the community will also in return empower the community to become successful at large. Happiness as a result of positive psychology advocated by the Christianity institution amongst the individual and the community will lead to better productivity that will result in great satisfaction, better family ties and that of relatives and friends.

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