Areas in the Illinois Juvenile Justice System in Need of Updates and Modifications

Areas in the Illinois Juvenile Justice System in Need of Updates and Modifications

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Using pertinent theories of juvenile delinquency, this policy proposal will first highlight areas in the Illinois Juvenile Justice system that are in need of updates and modifications and secondly identify specific changes to be made in the current system. Through the application of rational choice, social control and strain theories along with an analysis of current research in the field, the submitted proposal will present one key policy change that may further reduce the number of juvenile delinquents both now and in the future. The suggested change will include the creation of the Department of Juvenile Outreach, an extension of the city's ongoing efforts at rehabilitation of juvenile offenders. This policy proposal will take into consideration social disorganization and subculture theories to explain juvenile delinquency further. The creation of the Department will coordinate and facilitate community programs and social services aimed at targeting juveniles at-risk of offending or even re-offending. For the purposes of implementation, this policy will also include budget and personnel requirements as well as different measures to evaluate the effectiveness of the suggested changes in reducing criminal activity among juveniles in Illinois and possibly even the United States.


The following policy proposal will briefly glance at the current state of juvenile justice and delinquency in the United States of America before zooming in on the Illinois Juvenile Justice System. This proposal has the express purpose of indicating changes to the current policies and serving as a model for the entire country. More specifically, the Principal Investigator (PI) suggests the creation of the D...

... middle of paper ... be enrolled in the program, the process will begin of engaging the teens for their social development, providing alternatives to crime like sport activities, enrichment workshops on topics like science and technology, and partnering teens with mentors and role models to hold them accountable and counsel them on their life choices. Phase Five is the actual implementation of the plans to reduce juvenile crime by attacking the problem on the front lines: at home and in the community. This phase of the proposal will continue long into the future with significant implications for community involvement and civic participation.
This approach has been instituted in California and the PI believes it should serve as a model for the entire country’s juvenile justice systems to help teens discover the alternatives to crime and to prevent offending or re-offending in youth.

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