Are You A Marketer Or Salesman? Essay

Are You A Marketer Or Salesman? Essay

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Are you a marketer or salesman?... "Well," some may say, " what 's the difference?"
Good question! There 's a big difference. And knowing the difference will literally make or break your business. Here 's what I mean:
What comes to mind when you think of the word 'salesman '? Well, what I immediately think of is an overly-excited person trying to pressure me into buying something that I really don 't want! Has you ever had that experience before? I think we all have. In fact that 's why we hate getting thosee tele-marketing calls, right? Because, we know that they 're goal is to sell us something we don 't really want.
Are you that person? Are you the person that everybody runs away from when you approach them? Do people quickly hang up the phone when they find out that it 's you on the other end? ("But, mom! I 'm just calling to say 'Hi '") Are you finding it hard to get your friends and family to hotel meetings or home presentations? And, is it difficult to get people (even your own mom) to buy your products or services?
If that 's so, take a serious look at yourself in the mirro...

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