Are Working Mom 's Losing The Battle? Essay

Are Working Mom 's Losing The Battle? Essay

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Are Working Mom 's losing the Battle?
Women you have to be home with your children! We cannot handle your troublemakers anymore! We hear society telling us this time and again, but women can have it all! Children a career and still make dinner for the husband. As a society, we have watched and read as the media has gone back and forth with the controversy. Can a mother work and still be a mother? Is it detrimental to a child 's development? Does it mean your kids won 't do as well as other kids in school? Does it over all make you a bad mom? I believe in a women’s right and ability to work and the relief it creates for her children and husband.
The above questions plagued the minds of hopeful mothers to be working on their college degrees and future careers. I know it 's on mine. I 'm a mother of a two-year-old. I 'm pursuing a STEM degree and every time I have to miss a bedtime or turn down going to see the latest masterpiece to make sure I can finish one more piece of homework the guilt piles up. Even through the pain of guilt I and other career seeking moms try to create better opportunities for our children. Often times better than what we had ourselves. With the current economic recession, the one income family has become a rarity, one paycheck no longer covers a family 's need. Now, like in World War II Rosie the riveter and her pals rush out to fill in what few positions are available in the job market. In a speech by Lois Wladis Hoffman Ph.D. titled ‘The Effects of the Mother 's Employment on the Family and the Child ' she features a chart showing that "Labor Force Participation Rates of Mothers with children under 18" has been steadily increasing since the "1940 's". The 1940’s? How could that possibly be relevant data n...

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...ons who still see the world they grew up in and not the world as it has become. The problem being that many I labeled the “older generation” are in places of power in the government and therefore in a place where they have their voice heard in the media as to what our country should consider traditional values. Now is the time for new traditions where women can work in jobs alongside men and come home and be a good mom.
Follow these steps to ensure a healthy family and home life: Make your children a priority when at home, check the homework, and have open communication between you and your significant other to avoid unhealthy tensions our home. Just because the government no longer needs Rosie the riveter and her friends and your mother stayed at home your whole life is not a reason to forgo your career or children. Stand up with your other sisters and have it all!

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