Are We Really Safe?

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Are We Really Safe? There is a crisis all around America that we would not actually believe to be a crisis; how safely we are protected by the bar’s security. Many bars and clubs have some form of security to supervise and make sure that everything is under control. Usually, if someone is in uniform, then we do not second guess our safety with them. The proper job description of a bar security guard is to make sure that everyone is safe within the bars premises and also to enforce liquor and bar entry laws to all patrons. (Muchira) However, even with this security within the bars, we are still unsafe. There are many counts of “date rape” happening due to being drugged inside of a bar and the security does not even know it is happening right in front of them. There seem to be quite a few errors in the way that bars choose their security staff and the way they prepare them. There needs to be a better form of security to ensure the safety and ensure that this issue of date rape lowers. If someone is going to go out to have a good time then they should not have to worry about being drugged in the bar that they choose. There are mistakes that are made by bar owners when choosing their security and how they prepare them for their job. For one, most bar owners do not go through a very thorough or intricate hiring process. Most of them do not even do real interviews or do a background check on them before hiring. Once someone is hired, the owner makes another mistake by typically not giving them the proper training for this job. So when this new, untrained employee is faced with a problem, they do not exactly know how to handle the situation the best way possible. Another common mistake made is that the security team does not have the pr... ... middle of paper ... & Dunphy, 2014) All across America, bars and clubs are letting incidents occur that most people are left with lifelong outcomes. A lot of the time when someone is date raped due to poor security at a bar, they will have psychological traumas, they could end up with injuries, pregnant, or even death in some cases. These bars should know that there are steps or precautions to take in order to avoid any of that from ever happening. If they know that there are better ways to do things, then why are they not doing so? Many owners feel as though it is too much time, too much effort, or too much money to assure customers that they are safe. This is a serious issue happening all around us and we do not even realize it. Therefore, just because someone’s shirt says “security” does not mean that they are properly trained and can protect you from every incident in the bar.
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