Are We Now Living in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World? Essay

Are We Now Living in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World? Essay

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“COMMUNITY, IDENTITY, STABILITY”: this is the World State's motto in a science fiction novel “Brave New World” written by Aldous Leonard Huxley in 1932. Huxley predicts the future world ironically, and I assume everyone hopes his prediction will not come true. Fortunately, Huxley’s brave new world is just a fictional world; no one knows whether Huxley’s brave new world will become a reality or not. However, technology improves rapidly and scares people that their world is gradually approaching to Huxley’s brave new world. So, my question is “Could the brave new world become a reality?” The most recent research shows the success of cloning and prevention of aging in animal experiments, which implies the technology we have right now can actualize some parts of Huxley’s brave new world in either the animal or the plant kingdom. Additionally, the actualized brave new world can be even more extreme because of addition of immortality.
To begin with, Huxley’s brave new world depicts the result of cloning human-beings. In general, people tend to think cloning as a process duplicating something which already exists. A science article defines the world cloning as “[a process producing] an individual grown from a single somatic cell of its parent and generically identical to it” (Fackelmann 92). However, this definition just defines somatic cell cloning, which is one of cloning types. DNA cloning, cellular cloning and generic cloning are example of the other types of cloning. The author of “Ethical Aspects of Cloning Techniques” captures cloning as a big picture and defines as follow. “Cloning is the process of producing "genetically identical" organisms. It may involve division of a single embryo, in which case both the nuclear genes and t...

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...loned from a single fertilized egg, human’s external fertilization has already actualized. Furthermore, fertilization for animals has become perfectly independent from uterus. Also, transfusing of young blood can maintain aging for mice. We should be amazed how he predicted accurately. A biologist Needham argued that “the book very accurately predicted how biology and psychology could soon alter human life”. (Woiak 111-112) Additionally, our recent technology not only maintain youth but also can retrieve of dead substance and give immortal life. Brave new world depicts machine civilization development could cause loss of people’s well-being and dignity and lead a totalitarian society. If immortal life can be applied, it would be more extreme brave new world.

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