Are We Killing Our Planet?

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Today's society is built on the ability to use a car , bus, TV , computer and other electronic means . We get more news through the internet and television, and we use all the time more electricity. Thus, there are many who believe that society is about to destroy itself. By sending out giant amounts of CO2 every year, we entered a period of much frustration and assumptions. But how is it really going to evolve? Are we to emit greater quantities of greenhouse gases than we already do , or we will succeed in limiting our emissions ? Many believe that what we now call a climate crisis , only one peak of a wave of climate change. They believe that the future climate will be like the past . There is a possibility that it will be as it was before again and there are many who leans on this theory. Many have begun to wonder how our future will look like. While many still do not care. Probably most people will not understand the gravity of CO2 emissions before they even notice the consequences. They will probably only after they are hit , start doing something active to stop emissions. That one recognizes the climate crisis does not mean that you automatically change behavior. The changing lifestyle can be difficult. Many people find it cumbersome to use public transport instead of their own car. It is easy to buy new clothes instead to patch and modify . Sorting of waste also needs an extra effort. But for every action you take after you come a little closer to the goal . The current consumption gives a too large emissions of greenhouse gases. Authorities are trying constantly to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases , but as many residents constantly getting riche... ... middle of paper ... ...robably be several extinct species , drought in many parts of the world and floods in other parts of the world. An increasing number of hurricanes , tsunamis and earthquakes. Many may look at climate change as a positive thing, because they believe that there will be more sunshine here in the north. But it is wrong , for instead of hotter summers will be more rain . Future climate and society have to be characterized by the ability to stand on to change! Future climate change will have limited emissions of greenhouse gases , and the community will be affected by it should be a goal. Perhaps measures like solar panels on private homes , wind turbines and hydropower will impact our daily lives. But also to use more public transport and less power consumption will influence the future .. If we do not change our lifestyles , our only place to stay lost in the sea ..
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