Are Video Games Therapy? Essay

Are Video Games Therapy? Essay

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The use of video games has become a norm for many people and families. They may be used to relax after a long day of work, or as a way for the family to all participate in something together. Many people view video games as just another form of entertainment, but could they actually be more?
Meditation is used as a therapy to reduce the stress of everyday life. It is a way to focus one’s mind on the present and alleviate the stress that life can cause. By focusing on something besides stress, a person is able to relax. By applying those same observations to the act of playing a video game, one can see how playing a video game can be as effective as meditating. While playing a video game the mind is no longer focused on the stress of the day. The person playing the game is focused on the task of playing the game and alleviating the stress they may feel from everyday life. Juan Alcibar, a recovering soldier at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, says “When you're just sitting in your room thinking about what happened, it drives you crazy,” he says. “This is something to get your mind off your sorrows.” (Qtd. In Musgrove) For this soldier the act of playing a video game is a therapy that helps the same as meditation would.
The use of physical therapy for patients with a physical injury is common practice among most medical facilities. Physical therapy normally consists of using the injured part of the body in some physical way to strengthen muscles and relearn fine motor skills. According to an article, written by Lindsey Tanner, the normal exercises used to treat the injured can be painful and boring. In her article she interviews therapists using the Wii gaming console in their rehabilitation process. She reports, with the use ...

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... It does not matter if you use them to relax after a long work day or as a way to get some much-needed exercise, video games are on their way to being a norm in our society for many more uses than just entertainment.

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