Are Vaccines Necessary? Vaccines? Essay

Are Vaccines Necessary? Vaccines? Essay

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Are vaccines necessary ? Vaccines were created in 1798; now, there are numerous vaccines that protect us against diseases. Yet, a growing number of parents are deciding to not vaccinate their children for various reasons, such as Autism. As a result, immensely transmittable diseases are becoming more likely to spread; this causes everyone to become the victim. Although some say that vaccines can cause autism, parents need to vaccinate their children, because immunizations save lives, the vaccine-preventable diseases are highly dangerous, and vaccines are safe and reliable to use.
Immunizations save lives by preventing specific diseases. Vaccines are created from the virus that is trying to be prevented. Different techniques are used for different viruses; however, repeatedly growing the vaccine to create a weaker strand is the most common. This allows the body to see what the virus is like without actually infecting the patient. This works by “stimulating our immune system to produce antibodies (substances produced by the body to fight disease) without actually infecting us with the disease” (“How”). This way the body has the knowledge to fight off the actual virus, if it were to enter the body, before it could inflict harm. In effect, less people will have the disease, and the severe diseases will not spread. Since the disease is no longer being spread, it will slowly become contained and the next generation will
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not have to worry about an outbreak of a vaccine-preventable disease. Furthermore, the effects of the vaccine-preventable diseases will no longer be a concern; as a result, many lives will be enhanced and rescued.
Vaccine-preventable diseases are significantly hazardous and should not be ignored. Examples of these...

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...hildren” (“Vaccines”). Many studies have been lead to show that autism is not caused by vaccines. Therefore, if a parent is considering not vaccinating a child due to this reason, then they need to reconsider. However, it is understandable that a parent is simply taking precautions and thinking of what is best for their child. These lies about autism and vaccines should be put to rest in order to continue the successful avoidance of vaccine-preventable diseases.
Many fibs of the side effects of vaccines are always being told; however, a frequent concern of vaccines causing autism has been refuted. Also, vaccines have been proven to work adequately to improve lives against many destructive diseases. Immunizations are an incredible invention that should not go unused; immunizations create a healthy living space for everyone, and continue to improve life as we know it.

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