Are Two Mindsets Growth Or Fixed? Essay

Are Two Mindsets Growth Or Fixed? Essay

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There are two mindsets growth or fixed. She argues that there is only two mindsets growth or fixed, I agree because these two mindsets are the most common ones in students. This takes me back to Dweck, Carol S. “Brainology”: Transforming Students’ Motivation to Learn. In this article students with growth mindsets cares more about their education rather than how they look. Students with fixed mindsets cared about how smart they will appear and they would reject learning opportunities because they thought intelligence would have to come naturally to them. I agree with what she says, there are only two mindsets. The reason I agree is because I was both mindsets, well now I’m only one. But before I was a fixed mindset and what I mean by that is sometimes I would feel dumb and I wouldn’t even care anymore about my studies. Till I noticed that the way I was going wasn’t going to take me nowhere now or my future. That is something people have trouble doing, simply because they don’t want to look dumb or seem dumb, but just like my past teachers had said “it’s okay to ask half of the people may have the same question.” That’s something I always kept on my mind so that I’m not afraid to ask. I also didn’t care what other people thought of me as long as I knew I was going to have a better future than they.
My motive stem comes from my parents and passed teachers the reason I choice them is that play a role in my life without teachers I wouldn’t learn and without my parents support I would be lost. What they have done to foster my motivation was the way they would praise me. Like for example in Dweck, Carol S. “Brainology”: Transforming Students’ Motivation to Learn. It claims that praise might tell them that being smart and talent ...

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...d not get in trouble. I would not do my homework because I knew my teacher would let it pass a few times or would extend my turn in time. Also because there was always extra credit assignment and those were the easy ones, but that didn’t mean I was passing the class. All I cared about was looking cool and doing crazy things with my friends. That is one thing I regret doing, when I hit sophomore that’s when I was starting to realize that my grades were important that’s if I really wanted to graduate high school. So I became more responsible for my actions and I started getting myself together. That was one big eye opening and an educational experience for me. For the fact that it hurt me at the end, I was going to have to make up all those mistakes that I did. Knowing I could have been done with them in the first place, if all I did was be responsible with my actions.

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