Essay on Are There Other Alternatives to University That Are More Sensible?

Essay on Are There Other Alternatives to University That Are More Sensible?

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In this essay I’m going to analyse and interpret people’s attitude towards university and if it’s worth going. Are there any other options that might suit the person and their careers? Based on facts and information that are parsimonious obtainable on the internet, newspapers and other factual guides I will explain the primary positive and primary negative aspects of university. Many pressures in society and common opinion may sway people to thinking going to university is the only way to progress but are there better less cost effective options available.

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Facts and information:
An article in the Guardian shows that a growing number of universities plan to charge £9,000 which is the maximum possible and minimum of £6,000 per year which means for many young people a bare minimum debt of £18,000. This debt could be hard to pay off unless you learn skills and archive qualifications that are in high demand so you’re almost guaranteed work when you finish your degree.
Vehemence towards these tuition fees is very noticeable because of protests and demonstrations against them have taken place from reports via the Telegraph. A demonstration against tuition fees by tens of thousands of students and lecturers descended into violence when a group of protesters smashed their way into the headquarters of the Conservative party.
On a more positive note going to university can give you the chance to have lots of fun at a prime time in your life for three whole years. Partying and sharing rented accommodation can sound quite appealing to most young people and learners alike. Making new friends and moving away from home could be a life changing experience. Quickly becoming more mature, self sufficient and experie...

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‘UK unemployment rises to 2.53 million’ The Guardian. [Online] 16th March 2011. [Accessed on 27th May 2011]
‘Youth unemployment hits record high’ The Guardian. [Online] 19th January 2011. [Accessed on 26th May 2011]
On leadership. (2011) Profile on Allan Leighton. [Online] [Accessed on 25th May 2011]

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