Are the Nation’s Sons Getting a Fair Shot? Essay

Are the Nation’s Sons Getting a Fair Shot? Essay

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WhatÂ’s The Difference With Boys And Girls?
They seem so innocent,

They love to play little games,
such as princesses and jump rope.
and they seem to never to get in trouble.

they always do their homework,
have little sleepovers,
and play hopscotch at school.

they're a whole different story.

never do their homework,
play in dirt and mud,
and think girls have some serious disease called "cooties".

they get in trouble in school daily,
for mostly fighting,
and no homework done.

boys and girls just don't belong. (Harper, n.d.)

The catch phrase “failure to prepare is preparing to fail” has been around for ages. This statement has always proven to be somewhat true. Save for, the percentage that did not have the chance to prepare, FYI: Infants boys enter this world already trailing girls in development by six weeks. What a surprise this must be, seeing as the moment the doctor tells the expecting young parents that a child is coming, hence the daydreaming begins. These daydreams are mostly of the child growing up to be a doctor, nurse or a firefighter. Parents do not, however, envision the child having kindergarten speech problems, not being able to catch up with girls in reading, or having behavioral problems. It is a wonder what the daydreaming parents see well here it is.
Boys are not doing well in school; there are factors that play a role in this. First, a boy learns differently from a girl easily. Secondly, before a boy learns to talk, masterÂ’s toilet training, tunes up his fine motor skills, and learns to read a girl has already done it (learningseed). However, a boy and a girl can share the same classroom, curricula, and teacher and...

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...ause he met a wonderful teacher that suggested a resolution to the parents.
The teacher told the mom (2009)
I noticed these behaviors in my class. The boy would finish his work before the others and once this occurred, the boy’s behavioral issues would begin. The teacher also noted that the child was an “A“ student and perhaps if the boy was put into a program called Avid, the boy may benefit in many different ways: the behavioral issues may improve, the boys mind will be challenged, and the boy may not have to take medicine anymore. The parents took the teachers suggestion and although there was no instant gratification, by the time the boy reached 8th grade there was a significant improvement.
Instruction begins when you, the teacher, learn from the learner; put yourself in his place so that you may understandÂ… what he learns and the way he understands it.

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