Are The Arts Really A Vital Asset? Essay

Are The Arts Really A Vital Asset? Essay

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“Are the arts really a vital asset in my child’s education?” This topic held a popular slot a decade ago, but today the crucial issue seems to have fallen by the wayside. Attention has been turned towards standardized testing and a focus on core subjects that are supposedly essential to the student’s performance in and out of the classroom. What many do not know is that the arts have a significant affect on people of all ages, especially children. The problem is, facts have been overlooked, causing state boards to make severe budget cuts in school systems nationwide. Unfortunately, the arts departments are always the first to go. Funding is decreased, and a disturbing amount of teachers are laid off. Statistics show that SAT scores are significantly higher in those who participate in the arts. The study of arts is an extremely important part of student achievement and success, at any age level. You may be thinking to yourself, schools do have Arts departments, so this is not an issue. Jill Hambek, writer for The Washington Times recently published an article titled “Arts programs in schools often in danger of being cut.” In the article, Hambek states, “Chicago Public Schools dealt a blow to arts education when it laid off over 1,000 teachers as a result of its recent decision to close over 50 schools. Among the most affected areas was arts education, in which twenty percent of the teachers let go, taught art or music” (Hambek 1). Art is important, and we must not let it disappear within the tangled mess of mathematic and scientific based programs within school curriculums. An arts education is essential to learning and creativity and its struggle in our current generation is in urgent need of attention. “The arts aren 't just imp...

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.... Statistics prove that the arts are of vital importance in education curriculums, but the NCLB Act made it difficult for us to further our support for the departments, because it chose to focus on core subjects such as math and science. “The Partnership has created The Arts Leading the Way to Student Success: A 2020 Action Agenda for Advancing the Arts in Education as a blueprint for systemic change and collective action” (AEP 2020 Action Plan, 2015). Explained throughout the Action Plan is a five year goal, consisting of fundraising, internships and much more to further the progress of arts departments. “By the year 2020 every young person in America, at every grade level, from pre-kindergarten through grade 12, will have equitable access to high quality arts learning opportunities, both during the school day and in out-of-school time” (AEP 2020 Action Plan, 2015).

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