Are Teenagers and Sexual Relationships a Horrible Union? Essay

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Do teenagers have good sexual behavior? Are they ready to take chances with
their sexual relationships? Does teenagers’ behavior become harmful after sexual
relationships? Studies show that 13 million babies of teenage mothers are born each year,
and 21% of them are Ecuadorian (El Comercio / Spanish source). What should we do to
stop or moderate the sexual behavior of teenagers? There are plenty of good ideas, but the
most important ones are: schools should teach sex education frequently, organizations and
companies should help teenagers to abstain from sexual relationships, and parents should
Schools should teach sex education frequently until last grade. An interesting
fact is that the CDC data shows that less than the 50% of middle schools teach sex
education (Sex Education in Schools). This means that underage teenagers probably don’t
know about sexual relationships while they are young. In the same light, according to the article
"The Impact of Sexual Education", only 12 U.S states give sex education classes in schools
("The Impact of Sexual Education"). So, only 25% of the countrie's youth is informed in school
about sexual relationships and the consequences of it. Added to that, teenagers have freedom
and they are forgetting about the unprotect sexual relationships problems, so they are not
educated about pregnancy or even worse about sexually transmitted diseases. They are not
warned about these issues. So schools are guilty of this problem, too (Rigsby). In addition,
many schools forgot that their students are the most important, they aren’t protecting their
students about these issues, because they simply don't care. Alison Parker, says that studies
show that "good sex education" can be a g...

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