Are School Uniforms Really Necessary? Essay

Are School Uniforms Really Necessary? Essay

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Are school uniforms really necessary?

Many people think that they are truly necessary. But why are they? Why do our children need to have two sets of clothing to wear every day? Do parents really need to spend more money than the mean that they have to be part of school standards? Is this just another way that school can control parents and students? Let take some sometime and explore the question and really find out if school uniforms are really necessary.

What is the reason that school require to put on the extra cost on parents to pay for school uniforms. One reason that schools don’t take into account is that “for families who struggle financially, the requirement to purchase school uniforms for their children could prove significantly more expensive then the clothes they buy normally, and add to their financial hardship.” ( Do we really need to do this to low income families, I would have to say not we don’t need to do this to anybody.

Secondly, when I’ve asked my nieces if they truly like...

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