Are School Uniforms Good and Bad? Essay

Are School Uniforms Good and Bad? Essay

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Are school uniforms good or bad? Wearing uniform doesn’t stop students from finding ways to stylize themselves. Uniforms were introduced in the United States around the year of 1979 to fix the problem of violence among students who fought for the latest designer clothes. The uniform policy was effectively implemented by President Clinton who wanted to stop the gang war problems. Statistical reports state that only 25% of primary schools and around 10% of secondary schools in United States have strictly implemented the uniform policy. I believe students should wear uniforms because not everyone can afford the latest trends, there will be no discrimination and students will be able to concentrate on learning instead of what other are wearing.
It's the first day of school and you have to find the perfect outfit. Everyone might not enjoy this because most people don’t have a closet full of clothes or money to afford the latest trends. For that reason I believe that students should wear uniforms. The cost of uniforms is less than what a parent would pay for regularly outfit for school. Some parents can’t afford to buy clothes every so often. Parents will have to purchase clothes for every weekday, which is hardly economical. There was this situation in River wood Elementary Memphis, TN where a child came to school with the same clothes on several days in a row. All too often parents were not using good judgment regarding what was appropriate school attire for their child but some didn’t have the money to buy new clothes. “I have heard so many times how much the parents appreciate the uniforms and one of their reasons is always the financial savings.” Words from a school administrator. These cost of uniforms depend on the size and age ...

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...nation between the students and students will be able to concentrate on learning instead of what other are wearing. Uniforms create unity within a school so if someone who's not supposed to be there enters the school they wouldn't be wearing a uniform so it'd be really easy to spot someone who's not supposed to be there. I believe School uniforms should be put in every school throughout the nation. “One advantage of uniforms is the instillation of a sense of purpose. When an individual student dons a school uniform, he or she often feels a stronger sense of unity with other classmates. The clothes provide a sense of identity with something greater than the individual. The wearing of school uniforms offers students the opportunity to develop a stronger work ethic, since they are more aware of the roles they are expected to play while in uniform.” (Michael Pollick)

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