Are Registered Nurses Get The Opportunity? Essay

Are Registered Nurses Get The Opportunity? Essay

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Registered nurses get the opportunity to save lives and make a difference in the lives of others. The nature of a nursing career is appealing, because it is ever-changing. As technology advances, so does the field of nursing; therefore, there is a lifetime of learning and gaining new skills. Nursing is an intensive program. It takes a minimum of a two year associates degree to become an RN, also referred to as a Registered Nurse. Because I am someone who easily obtains boredom, this job field sparks my interest. Since my early childhood, I have wanted to pursue this career. My grandmother is a RN, and the opportunity to help someone in need is something I would like to take advantage of. Registered Nursing is a rewarding field that has job security, a competitive salary, and meaningful work.
There is and always will be a demand for nurses. This job position is needed in locations all around the world. To obtain a bachelor’s degree as a registered nurse takes four years. Over those four years, paying for college expenses can often become costly. However, the years of school gives reward nurses job security due to their high demand. There will be a variety of options and opportunities for employment, and nurses will not have to be in fear of finding a job or being laid off. As the Bureau of Labor Statistics states, “There were 2.7 million registered nurses employed in the U.S. in 2014. That number will grow to 3.19 million by 2024, according to projections” (“Registered Nurse-A Career Guide Those numbers allow society to see the growth in the nursing industry. Because nursing is a job in high demand, it will only continue to grow. In addition to job security, a good salary is another advantage to being a registered nurs...

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...ork. There are long hours of studying to obtain your degree, and those long studying hours turn into long work hours. It can often become extremely strenuous and stressful with rewards that overpower the disadvantages. The opportunity to meet new people and impact someone’s life is going to be there. This opportunity is exceptionally intriguing. The excitement and possibilities that field has to offer is pleasing on many levels. Nurses can obtain a variety of job positions, so no one with this degree is stuck with only one option. There are hospital staff, home health care, traveling nurses, and even flight nurses. Registered nursing has its advantages and disadvantages; however, it is an immensely beneficial job that can allow someone to help those in need. It is a career that is effective in the lives of others. A nurse is just a hero without a cape on.


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