Are People Good At Heart? Essay

Are People Good At Heart? Essay

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Are People Good At Heart?
There are billions of people in the world of varying race, age and gender. That interact peacefully everyday under multiple circumstances. However, there is a big question that needs to be answered: Are people really good at heart? Anne Frank believed that all people are good at heart, despite the circumstances that she was in during the extent of World War II. By dictionary definition holocaust is destruction or slaughter on a mass scale, especially caused by fire or nuclear war. During World War II the mass destruction of an entire population caused the entire world to question the goodness of people. Even during the Holocaust, there were some people who believed in humanity and helping others. Despite the opinion and beliefs of a portion of the population, people are really good at heart due to the power of friendship despite the circumstances, the kindness of people even if it goes against what they are told, and the rescue efforts no matter what the circumstances.
Many people might believe that not every person has good in them and some people are pure evil. During World War II some people lost sight of moral values and became overcome by the power of Hitler. There are several examples of people losing their values from multiple sources one being The Book Thief. When Liesel saw Max for the first time in months and found out he was alive she was overcome with joy. She was so happy she ran through the mass of Jews and embraced him. When the soldiers saw this they became mad and struck thirteen year old girl with a whip as well as throwing her down into a mass of people (Zusak 510-515). However there are counterexamples to this unnecessary brutality. When Himmel street was bombed Liesel was the only ...

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...f reuniting gives Max hope and knowledge that their is someone waiting for him as soon as the war is over. To sum up the paragraph the kindness within multiple throughout the text a life was saved as well as a lifelong friend gained.
Circumstances may determine how people interact with each other and how they live, but regardless of the circumstances everybody has good inside of them. Goodness is shown in multiple ways, whether it is through friendship and kindness, believing in moral values rather than authority, and the sacrifice of one 's life to save thousands. Although many people still believe that not everybody is good at heart there are several examples in this paper as well as everyday life that prove them wrong. Goodness from within benefits the world in ways that people can not imagine. Take a second to think what the world would be like without goodness.

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