Are Organisational Behavioural Theories Relevant in Todays Business World?

Are Organisational Behavioural Theories Relevant in Todays Business World?

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Are Organisational behavioural theories relevant in todays business world?

Organisational theory is the sociological study of systematic societal organisations, for instance businesses and bureaucracies, also focusing on the relationship they have with the environment in which they function. Over the years organisations have adopted these theories in forming and dictating how they run and operate. No single theory is conclusive to all organisations as every organisation is different and has different needs in which to operate.
This paper aims to analyse present day organisations and the relevance of organisational behavioural theories in the modern business environment. It attempts to outline the main theories, how they are used in practice, how successful they are in practice and mainly to provide an overview of their efficiency over the years and whether or not this has diminished over time.
The certainty of the early theory’s relevance is arguable. Some might say they are out-dated and cannot relate to modern organisations and social changes, some might say they are fundamentally still valid and as society changes the human psyche is still the same, where as some are on the fence and state some are relevant and some are not. This text will hope to prove that these theories are still relevant in this day and age.

There are many early attempts to theorise organisational behaviour, these are often coined ”Classical organisation theories”. Most famously Karl Marx’s socialist theories (1848 - 1894), Max Weber’s Bureaucratic Theory approach (1922), and Elton Mayo’s Human Relations theory (1933). Some may assume in conjecture that they are no longer relevant but there are examples of them being put into practice today.

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... in his 360BC publication ‘The Republic’ addresses the topic of leadership. In it he highlighted the relevance of specialisation and discussed a primitive form of incentive based frameworks in hypothesising how to get the people to embody the goal of the equitable city (Jowlett. B, 2008).

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