Are Obese Children Doomed to be Obese Adults? Essay

Are Obese Children Doomed to be Obese Adults? Essay

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“Do You Think Obese Children are doomed to be Obese Adults?”
In the subject of debates, a debate is an argument of a current event or other controversial topic that provides both sides of an argument. These could be negative and positive things or pros and cons of a topic. You can debate about almost anything as long as it is debatable and worth debating over. Some popular topics to debate about are school uniforms, playing music during class, abortion, obesity, health care reform, politics, and many more. The topic I have chosen for this debate paper is obesity. The question I have asked is, “Do you think obese children are doomed to be obese adults?” Obesity is and always has been a constant struggle in our nation. Our nation has had a bad reputation for obesity and it has become a trend that most try to avoid at the beginning of every year by changing their lifestyles to become healthier and live better lives. We never pay attention to how much we eat and what we consume on a daily basis and how it adds up each and every day over time. When this happens, weeks, months, or maybe even a year later, we look back at a picture of ourselves and realize there is a big difference in how we look, both physically and emotionally. In this final debate paper, I will be debating if obese children are doomed to become obese adults or if they can fight the chances of becoming obese adults.
Unfortunately, there are some negative outlooks and possibilities about obese children being doomed to become obese adults. A lot of these factors come from many things, such as genetics and how they choose to live their lifestyles, for example. Obese children are doomed to become obese adults because they learn bad habits from their parents. Obese chil...

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...or her, but she is such a strong girl and keeps her head up in every way. She is truly an inspiration and a motivation to me in every way and I am proud of her strengths, even when she fights through the struggles. I believe that the selected arguments were more persuasive because obesity is a huge subject to debate about and a lot of it points to the pros because no matter what condition you are in or what disease you may have, there are ways to fight them off and make your life better as well as your own body.

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