Are Nursing Homes Beneficial Or Are They The Cause Of Accelerated Death?

Are Nursing Homes Beneficial Or Are They The Cause Of Accelerated Death?

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Are nursing homes beneficial or are they the cause of accelerated death? There are numerous families that are concerned about their loved one 's health when they are placed into a nursing home. First, what are some of the reasons for families to place their loved one’s into a nursing home? Second, what is Alzheimer’s and Dementia? Third, what are the reasons for the decline in residents cognitive behaviors? Finally, how can we help change the acceleration of cognitive decline? Nursing homes are suppose to be helping the residents maintain their health as long as they can but are they helping the residents? If nursing homes are more suitable for the well being of the suffering loved one, then why is the decline of cognitive behavior accelerating?
Although several families want to do what is best for their loved one, they may be required to decide whether or not to place them into a nursing home due to it being too hard to care for them on their own. Even though this is a tough decision, they find themselves questioning whether it is the right time for this extensive change. How do families know it is time? What are some of the signs? At Johns Hopkins Memory and Alzheimer’s Treatment Center, researcher Peter Rabins, talked about some of the signs that families will recognize to help them decide. If the development of a physical impairment advances and the caregiver can no longer meet the demand of help, it may be time to place the loved one into a long-term facility (Rabins). Also, when the family is taking care of them on their own, it becomes stressful and straining, especially when the impairments worsen. If the family still does not wish to place them into a long-term facility, they have the option of placing them...

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...amily can also try and set up the room as if it were their own bedroom at home and place objects that make it feel like home. These are all alternatives for avoiding nursing homes and what families can do to make a nursing home stay for functional and home feeling.
As a final point, living in a nursing home is not home to many. It is a strange place, where residents can no longer do their daily activities on their own. They have to be watched while using the bathroom, walked to and from their room that is shared with another resident, and even told what they can and cannot eat. Their freedom is stripped from them; furthermore, nursing homes are accelerating the death rate of many residents. As once said by American novelist, essayist, and columnist, Florence King, “I 'd rather rot on my own floor than be found by a bunch of bingo players in a nursing home.”

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