Are Nurses Make Our Job? Essay

Are Nurses Make Our Job? Essay

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Working as a part of multidisciplinary teams in the ICU, we often question ourselves what we do as nurses make our job so ‘special’ that differ from other team members. Providing personal cares and assisting the patient’s ADL can be done by RPNs or PSWs. Assessment, analysis of data, and implementation of the patient’s nutritional status, physical ability and strength, and social/legal issue can be dealt by dietitians, physiotherapists or occupational therapists, and social workers, respectively. Because being helpful, caring, or even friendliness come from most nurses’ nature, we don’t always intend to exhibit it consciously. What we do as a nurse may be merely no more than the execution of orders made by the other professions, and this realization forces me to agree with Fawcett and Bourbonniere (2001), who claimed that we failed to define our identity separate from other professions and discipline. But are we still invisible (Fawcett & Bourbonniere, 2001)?

It is clear that our work is being appreciated by our patients and their families because we often receive cards and mails from them. “The nurses are the face of an organization” is the phrase you hear during every organizational orientation, and in fact, Kimball and Montoya (2012) claimed nurses are the “one of the tools used in successful marketing campaigns (p. 188)” because most of times the nurses are the one who deliver the only product of hospital organization, named patient care. Although nursing may not have limited boundary and pinpoint focus of what we do like a specialty profession, such as a dietitian, nursing is not so invisible anymore. As a matter of fact, thank you to the predecessors’ works, we are already known to execute a wide range of care with professi...

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...ake care of the family’s loved one and we are the one who has given the opportunity and permission to fulfill the loved one’s need with respect and dignity when the family members are unable to do so. And what Rosario (2016) as a family member expected from a nurse was not only to provide the critical care of her father, but to do so with great respect, because nobody else could. No other member of the inter - disciprinaly team was given this opportunity. It is not difficult to understand that the patient and family deserve full attention from us and we should be honored to do so. This close proximity to the patient and family member, capability to provide a wide range of cares to fulfill the needs of our clients, and given opportunity to facilitate relationship to work together as a partner make the position of nurse special and set us apart from other disciplines.

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