Essay on Are Metal Walls And Brick Chambers?

Essay on Are Metal Walls And Brick Chambers?

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When you 're struggling with something, look at all the people around you and realize that every single person you see is struggling with something, and to them, it 's just as hard as what you 're going through- ­(Nicholas Sparks). The feelings that are felt throughout one’s life are thought to sometimes be the worst things imaginable, but in reality every single person fights with their own demons on a daily basis. Even trying to see the problems others face and trying to stand in their shoes to experience what they feel is nearly impossible considering every person deals with everything in a different way. The people and feelings represented in this song do a wonderful job at explaining how different everyone’s problems can be.

There are metal walls and brick chambers, in very dark and dank places as this song begins, also including the continuous fire in the background of a jail like place. These could indicate the living hell that one traps themselves in. The metal walls, brick chambers, and jail like surroundings represent one’s mind and body in which they are trapped. The fire representing the burning pain that someone is feeling being caged in their own mind. This surrounding being a very dark and dank place symbolizes a deeply clouded place at which a person is holding themselves hostage while enduring the pain. In reality these conclusions are justifying the pain these individuals will hold themselves in, each being a different type of battle within themselves.

As the video proceeds individuals are shown in many types of forms, the next individual displayed is shown in a metal cage like a trapped animal, this represents a specific type of hurt for this person. This individual uses pain as a playground, accep...

... middle of paper ...

...throughout the floor shows that there is no particular place that this pain comes from. Not having a particular type of individual this pain can be inflicted on is a mere suggestion that this pain is capable of reaching any type of individual. Even the smallest pain can be as great as self entrapped pain.
The overall conclusion of “Pain” in this essay would be that all individuals around the world, no matter what race, gender, nationality, or religion all suffer from different types of pain. Each have different forms of pain and deal with it in their own specific manner, some at which make the best of the pain they have, using it to their advantage, others allowing it to cage them in a mini prison within one’s self. This makes pain one of the smallest, yet deadly and undetected prisons in the world, at which we hold the key to, making this our own personal hell.

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