Are Laptops And Tablets Be Used Over Conventional Computers? Essay

Are Laptops And Tablets Be Used Over Conventional Computers? Essay

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In this debate we will be discussing whether or not laptops and tablets should replace textbooks in primary schools. For this debate the focus will be more so on tablets rather than laptops as touchscreen technology is being more commonly used over conventional computers.

For this debate the focus will be against tablets and laptops replacing textbooks in primary schools as it is widely considered to hinder learning and not enough pupils are taught to enjoy using books but more detail will be given later on.

The scope of the argument is this, in modern day schools technology is becoming more and more common place. From interactive whiteboards to electronic registers, technology is becoming something students see and interact with daily and this is across primary schools, secondary schools and colleges. Now there are obvious benefits to this but also large downsides which will be explained in detail below but the key part to this debate is the fact that the focus is on primary schools, so should 5 – 11 year olds be exposed to computers and tablets all day every day? Should children be steered clear of outdated and archaic fossils like textbooks or perhaps there are still benefits to the faithful printed textbook?

As stated earlier, there is a case against tablets and laptops replacing textbooks in schools for many reasons and it’s not because we are a society of technophobes who dislikes change, quite the opposite actually, the majority are big supporters of new technologies and whilst most won’t wait in a queue for 10 hours for the next IPhone, everybody enjoys seeing technology advancing and people getting to use it in businesses, everyday life and education but many still think that textbooks have a real use in education for ...

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... of body weight limit recommended by doctors. Tablets weigh a tiny fraction of that at 290 grams (Data from the Nexus 7).

In conclusion whilst there are many good and valid arguments for tablets/laptops replacing textbooks in primary schools they are fairly superficial in the grand scheme of things e.g. weight of textbooks causing back injuries but the same can be said of tablets which can cause Repetitive Strain Injuries, eyestrain, headaches, etc. But the end purpose of an educational tool is to aid in learning and understanding of the topics that are being taught and tablets do not help as much as textbooks, this has been stated my many people and proven again and again. Comprehension of written materials is key to learning and when tablets hinder that, how can we be expected to replace textbooks with a technologically superior yet educationally inferior product?

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