Are Kids Criminals? Essay

Are Kids Criminals? Essay

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Are Kids Criminals?

I agree with the majority of Supreme Court justices who don’t want juveniles to spend their life in prison for murder. Most of the articles I’ve read support my opinion, because it’s human nature to understand that we all make mistakes and some mistakes shouldn’t be seen as heinous actions. They should be seen actions that could be reflected on in our youth. Why can’t an erratic, impulsive juvenile progress and become a decent individual after he or she has murdered? The victim shouldn’t have the privilege to send someone to jail or prison for the rest of their lives, because that’s an inappropriate punishment for a child.
We treat children as if they’re innocent, but I feel they may understand more about the world than we give them credit for. In the article “Kids Are Kids- Until They Commit Crimes” by Marjie Lundstrom from the Sacramento Bee, she points out, “Hey, they’re only kids. That is. Until they foul up. Until they commit crimes” on March 1, 2001. Children aren’t oblivious to murder, stealing and lying etc.; they understand the problems in the world, but may not develop a genuine understanding or what morals really are. Don’t deprive children of life outside of bars, because they may not be cognitively developed and may not even understand the concept of sympathy and another’s perspective. In the article “Startling Finds on Teenage Brains” Paul Thompson from the Sacramento Bee suggests, “...the kids need to learn skills at different times” on May 25, 2001. An average teenager’s cognitive development differs from an adult as their brain matter is purged from 1-2 percent. In 2011 Yadira Contreras’ supports his claim by giving a lengthy summary on her portfolio of Paul Thompson’s assertions. If our learn...

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... Garinger from the New York Times, published the article “Juveniles Don’t Deserve Life Sentences” and claimed that, “Young people are biologically different”.
For example, I tend to make a plentiful amount of irrational decisions, but I have matured since I was in middle school, so in 4 more years when I’m in my senior year at a university I’m expecting to make some irrational decisions, but less than I’m making now, because as I grow I reflect. The reason I feel this way is because throughout our lives we progress and as some become fixated in certain psychological stages, most people become more instinctual, gain experiences that help them to grow, and ultimately change their mentalities. We start to understand how other people may feel after a while. Our empathy seems to expand and a humane perspective shows that we can help each other to become better individuals.

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