Are Islamic Ideals Slowing Modernization

Are Islamic Ideals Slowing Modernization

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Are Islamic Ideals Slowing Modernization ?

In this essay I will be using MLA as a writing style, this essay will prove

that many Islamic ideals and Extremism are stopping modernization and also promoting

hatred between western and Muslim countries. This fact will be proven using these

supporting points, Firstly the oppression of women in Muslim countries all over the

world holds back a significant population of women who may have great things to

contribute to many aspects of knowledge around the world. Furthermore, Muslim's who

interpret the Qur'an in a very extremist fashion and seek to convert the entire world or

kill those standing in their way bring a kind of hatred that impedes social relations

between western countries and Muslim countries and contributes to the false stereotypes

that all Muslims are terrorists.

To begin with, women in most Muslim countries are treated with little respect

and oppressed because they are believed as being half as important men, therefore their

opinions and ideas are usually disregarded and most of the time never heard. Women

have been persecuted in all corners of the world throughout time but over the past

century have made great strides to be seen as equal to men in most countries around the

world. In Islam however the image of women is far worse than a lot of the ways in which

women were oppressed in other religions or facets of life, they are not supposed to be

seen in public without a man at their side and they must always have their faces covered,

furthermore they have no rights to vote. In Islam women are seen as second class citizens

that have nothing to offer and are treated as so, growing up in a secular society I may not

understand all aspects of their religion but it seems inhumane to do this to women. I

believe that everyone is equal and should have the same chances as everyone else, in

many cases this isn't true but to a much closer respect than the chances Muslim women

are given. However it would seem that many women in Muslim countries accept their

roles in society and very few try to break down the gender roles out of fear and the fact

that they don't agree with the western values out of their blind following of the teachings

of extremist factions that make western values look barbaric and wrong. In Indonesia

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where there are some 200 million Muslim's, women are treated much more fairly and

still seek to get more recognition in society while still rejecting that they are feminist's

because they don't want to be associated with western values (Adamson, Clarissa P.5). I

Find it hard to accept that even though there are some Muslim women who agree with

western values for its women's rights, that the vast majority of Muslim women don't

agree with western ways. I believe this to be because in the Muslim countries their

religion is seen to be extremely important and followed without question even if it slows

down technological advances as well as a more logical way of thinking than blind faith.

In the west we have strayed from religion in the quest for knowledge and advancement,

and those who retain their faith do so without trying to stop modernization and practice

their belief's alongside secularism. Even though women may find their roles in society to

be unfair they follow their religion above all. Seeing as there are more than 1 billion

Muslims in the world that means that there are a significant number of women in the

world who don't have many right's and therefore can't voice their opinions and

contribute their ideas to the world. There could be a vast population of very intelligent

women out there that could be bettering the world but instead they can't even try or they

will be persecuted by their peers and even their government for voicing opinions they

aren't "supposed" to have or express.

Finally, extremism is a very big problem concerning modernization because these

groups seek to convert the world to their ideals and if you oppose them then you are seen

as the enemy and they seek to destroy you. Islam is a peaceful religion, its roots do have

areas where it says it's alright to commit a jihad against your enemies but only if you are

provoked, it pretty much dictates that you may defend yourself. On the other hand the

extremists interpret these passages of the Qur'an as a reason to go to war and even kill

yourself in the name of your religion to kill those in your way, even without provocation.

The result of all these extremist faction's is worldwide panic and unrest, which may or

may not result in fascism against Muslims which isn't right because most are just normal

people like you and me, peaceful people who just want to get along. This also leads to

the hatred of westerner's by Muslim's and if we want to keep progressing and making

technology better, we must get past stereotypes and not let the extremists cloud our

judgement. Hatred leads to thoughts of war and even though the seeking of military

knowledge has helped us progress technologically in many positive ways especially over

the past century which like it or not was due to the world wars, it is also a meaningless

pursuit of death and destruction. There are peaceful endeavours that can lead to a sudden

flourishing of knowledge and technology that can better the world, but not if we let these

extremists get to us. The extremist Islamic groups seek to wage war against other

Muslims as well because they believe their interpretations of the Qur'an are more valid

(Aikman P.58). These kind of ideals within Islam that lead me to believe that even

though the majority of Muslims are peaceful, the suggestions of the Qur'an can be read in

any way and twisted so that it can feed the extremists to believe what they will, stopping

logical thought and promoting the following of words thought to be Allah's, and the blind

following of them in the pursuit of absolute faith to their God.

In Conclusion, I believe that this essay has proven that many Islamic Ideals are

stopping modernization, I have proven this using these supporting points. The oppression

of women in Muslims countries holds back a significant population of women who may

have a lot to contribute to the world. Furthermore the extremists faction of Islam promote

hatred and fascism in the world and false stereotypes against Muslim's which slows

down the worlds progression. Through these points I have shown how some Islamic

ideals, and conflicting interpretations of their holy book looks to impeding

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