Are Introverts And Public Speaking? Essay

Are Introverts And Public Speaking? Essay

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All the Same:
A Look on the Misconception of Introverts and Public Speaking
Universally, people are quite familiar with the butterflies fluttering inside or the stomach dropping. Nevertheless society tends to separate people into two categories: extroverts and introverts. In general, extroverts are more outgoing and seen more as socializers while introverts often keep to themselves and come across as timid. Whenever the topic of introverts and extroverts is brought up, people rarely hear a comparison, and they will focus mainly on the contrast. Although many people believe introverts cannot succeed at being public speakers, the ratio of an extrovert speaker versus an introvert speaker is about equal because both groups have to overcome anxiety, accept one’s self, and adapt to the audience.
To begin, in public speaking everyone must overcome anxiety. Anxiety can be caused by different situations to different people. Anxiety feels and affects in different ways as well. A general explanation of anxiety is the mind is not at ease. The difference of overcoming anxiety comes in the process. Introverts are more likely to put more time into a strategy. A strategy will consist of structure. Having a structure takes off much of the pressure in giving a presentation compared to people who try to improvise on the spot. In Jonathan Colman’s blog “A Guide to Public Speaking for Introverted and Shy People,” he explains, “A structure gives you clues and hints as to what to say, which takes a lot of the guesswork and fear out of the equation.” Therefore, if a shy person comes up with a structure to go by, then he or she will be able to get passed the anxiety.
In continuation, anxiety can be calmed with practice. Everyone has heard the saying...

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...ience, the message is lost. Communication is a big factor in public speaking. There is verbal and physical communication. The presenter must keep an eye out for physical communication. The audience will be perceptive at first in the speech, but if the speech is too long, uses big words, or even is just boring, the audience will lose interest. They might start fidgeting or yawning. Therefore it is the speaker’s job to keep an eye out, and accommodate if such notions happen. A happy audience will make a happy public speaker.
Even though characteristics of introverts and extroverts are on opposite ends of the spectrum, the two come together in public speaking. Public speaking can be very nerve-wrecking and stressful to anyone. It does not matter if someone is very outgoing or shy. In the end, to be a good public speaker it takes time and effort to produce a good speech.

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