Are Gender Specific Roles Still Core? Essay

Are Gender Specific Roles Still Core? Essay

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Are gender specific roles still core to modern society?
In the past twenty years the way society looks at the word “gender” is a totally different perception than what they did years ago, according to the Webster’s dictionary, the word “gender” is the state of being male or female. The word gender use to mean male or female, but now it has become this word that people are taking “offensive”. For example, at schools all around there having to make things gender neutral because a group of people are taking things and twisting them to where it can seem offensive. Society is accepting to anything that’s different and not “how it’s supposed to be” because that equals more publicity. Everyone wants to make everything equal to whatever you want to do. This illustrates how it should be, but back twenty years or more that’s not how it was. Many celebrities have made drastic changes to their bodies and how they live. Therefore, this too has impacted how society looks at the word “gender” because sometimes you just can’t tell anymore after they’ve done so much for their body. Society has placed intersexed people into the category of one sex. Society has installed a rigid two-gender system, we often have a difficult time understanding the identities of those who in noncommittal the gender line.
Equality is the most important aspect to consider when looking at the roles of genders. Society places males in one category and females in another category, although some say it could be detrimental to one if they are not sure what role to identify with or how to be accepted. An article stated by Sara Reese, “Making kids to stick to gender roles can actually be harmful to their health. States a researcher did a study that observed fourteen years old ...

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...their daughters to be strong independent women, but when it comes to raising their sons there are very few that want to raise them to be more sensitive, and show their emotions. In today’s society, though it doesn’t just top there when it comes to word “gender” it goes as far as women wanting to be men, men wanting to be women, or the same genders wanting to be together. The whole thing is just a culture whirlwind, but everyone should be respected for what makes them happy. Although some may not agree with any of it Bruce did say it very well when he said, “I did not want to die unhappy and with regrets...” that right there is whatever one needs to think about because I wouldn’t wish on nobody to die unhappy with regrets because they were scared they wouldn’t be accepted. Some would say all this we all just need to love one another and respect each other’s decisions.

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