Essay on Are Business Ethics Possible?

Essay on Are Business Ethics Possible?

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Ethics are a part of our lives. There will be times when we will use it for good and other times we will use it for bad. As people, we have to face our fears and our problems ahead, even if that means hurting someone in the process. Honesty is the goal. One has certain belief and morals to adhere by and they will try anything to stick by it. Sometimes our ethics can be compromised and we get lost in what we believe. It should not be the case, we have a right to speak our minds and tell people what we are things even if we lose some things in the process. As a whole, we should establish the difference between business ethics and personal ethics. It can sometimes be a hard thing to do because they are caught up with each other. On one hand, you love the job and will do whatever it takes to keep, but on the other, you stand firm on you decisions. As an employee and a human being, you have to find ways not to be contrary on your decisions between personal and business ethics. Business ethics revolves around the business point of view and personal ethics involves oneself. The answer falls on you and you have to be brave enough to stand by that.
The development of business ethics was you just do what was right for the business. If you look at the movie The Wolf on Wall Street. It was completely about self-indulgence and how can I make myself successful by having a business. If you consider businesses like this, then it really does not fall on what is right for you but what is good for the business. In the past there had to be times when business ethics was not even a question because you already knew the answer. Business ethics has changed for what it used to be. Businesses have to realize that when they put employees...

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... just be true to themselves. Ethics are supposed to be good decisions but how can it be good when one has to question themselves. One has to find out what will be the best answer for them. Ethically a business should understand the person decision and what the person had to go through to get that answer.

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